Changing your home locks? here is a little guide

first thing you should know is that you are not suppose to go broke when ordering a locksmith to change your home locks!

some prices i see out there are simply crazy and there is no need for that at all.

so how much are you expected to pay?

In California, locksmiths are licensed by the California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS). BSIS considers a locksmith to be someone that “installs, repairs, opens or modifies locks or that originates keys for locks.” BSIS also states on its website that an individual, partnership, or corporation seeking a license as a locksmith must specify in the application the individual who will manage the business on a day-to-day basis. (An owner, partner, or corporate officer may serve as the manager, or may hire someone to fill this role.)

First thing as stated above (Via you must see that the locksmith taking care of your home have a proper license and actually know what he is doing! there is a lot of amateurs locksmith running around giving high prices and giving a poor quality service.

Action Line: If the price quoted to change the locks on your doors for labor and materials is over $500, you will need a licensed contractor. If it is less than $500, you can call on a locksmith.

as stated above – its really all depend on the price. hopefully for you it will be less then $500 for the key lock change for all your home doors – then you can just use a locksmith and pay much less then if you have to go with a licenses contractor.

so the first thing you really should do is to get an exact estimate of the price.


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