Bed Bug Treatment – quick guide

Bed bugs are kind of insect that feeds the blood from human or animals. They don’t have the ability to fly but they can easily move over your ceilings, floor or walls. Most of the female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs and can live for more generations. Although you may consider it as nuisance, but you can ensure that they will not transmit any kind of disease.

Bed bugs are undetected in your clothing, couches or beds. But the initial place where they hide is in the headboards, bed frames, box springs, mattresses wherein they can easily access to people for
them to bite during night time.

At night, they feed by means of piercing your skin with their elongated beak to withdraw blood. At first, their bites are painless but later on, you will feel itchy welts in the area where they bite you. Therefore, you need to ensure that you will find the place where they live and start to get rid of them.

Effective bed bug treatment

One of the effective ways to get rid from bed bugs is by simply cleaning up your place where you think they commonly live. The following are the things you can consider:

  • Clean your clothing, curtains, linens and beddings in hot water before you dry them to the highest setting in your dryer.
  • Use stiff brush if you will scrub your mattress seams to ensure that you will remove their eggs as well as the adult bed bugs before you start to use the vacuum.
  • Clean your room through the use of vacuum and immediately place the vacuum plastic bag in the garbage can outside your home.
  • In case your box spring or mattress has tightly woven, zipper it to keep the bed bugs from escaping or entering and keep it for atleast a year.
  • Repair the cracks that you will find in your wall to ensure they have no place to hide.

But to effectively get rid the bed bugs from your home, it is best for you to hire professionals who are expert in bed bug treatment.


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